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The year 1962 began a time of tremendous change all across America. For Audrey Randolph, 1962 also brings personal tragedy: her mother dies suddenly, leaving behind a lifetime of letters, photos, and unimaginable secrets that will call into question everything Audrey thought she knew about her mother, about relationships—about the very nature of love itself. In Widow Woman, Julia Tagliere delivers a sensitive, compelling, and timely exploration of love, in all its incarnations—and the lengths to which we will go to hold onto it. Available now in print & Kindle versions.

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“An amazing novel that leaves you thinking long after you’ve finished reading it…absolutely superb.” —Kristen Larson Brown, speaker, coach, and bestselling author of The Best Worst Thing and The Happy Hour Effect

“An uplifting and thought-provoking glimpse into one woman’s challenge with accepting and acknowledging love in many forms…” —Kathryn Holmes, author of I Stand With Courage


Look for my latest piece, “His Last Human Day,” featured in the new anthology, Candlesticks and Daggers.

“Candlesticks and Daggers is an anthology of short stories, poems, and personal essays that mix mystery stories with elements of other genres, including romance, science fiction, horror, fantasy, and more. Mystery solvers from Sherlock Holmes to the local cat lady must figure out not only whodunit, but cross time, space, and even reality in order to do so.”

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NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AND AT BARNES AND NOBLE: “Stars I Will Find,” my personal essay, to be featured in Here In The Middle: Stories Of Love, Loss, And Connection From The Ones Sandwiched In Between, a collection of stories from those caught between caring for their aging parents yet still raising their growing children.









“Te Absolvo,” Winner of the 2015 William Faulkner Literary Competition Prize for Best Short Story. To read:

Faulkner Award-Julia


“The Navigator,” in LOVE + LUST,  © 2014 Taylor & O’Neill. The fourth and final book in the Open to Interpretation series [sold out].


A good photograph tells a story. But it tells a slightly different story to every viewer. Open to Interpretation’s publications have launched to great critical acclaim and have provided a venue for photographers and writers from all over the world an opportunity to have their work published in a remarkable collection of images and words. (

“…Open to Interpretation is…a brilliant matrimony of words to photography, and photography to words. There is a definite journey for the reader, and just like love and lust, that journey is completely unique for each person that cracks open the book.” (Don’t Take Pictures Magazine)



“How to Write about Family & Friends without Losing Them,” in The Writer, October 2009.

Writer CoverFounded in 1887, The Writer magazine is one of the nation’s oldest magazines about the craft of writing. Stories about star writers such as Aaron Sorkin and Elizabeth Strout, and craft stories written by leaders in the field such as Roy Peter Clark are its heart and soul. How-to stories and profiles are informative, instructive, motivational and necessary to writers of all levels.

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